About Us

About Us

As Cairns’ only truly French restaurant, we consider your visit an indulgent journey of the senses. We pride ourselves on being delightfully, authentically, classically French, yet always affordable and fitting in with smart casual tropical dining.

It’s the perfect marriage of French sophistication and down-to-earth local charm. With all the trappings of our training in traditional French cuisine, we also acknowledge the splendor and abundance of fresh local produce, blending the two to bring you a true taste of France – North Queensland style.
Likewise, we offer the best of Australasian wine choices.

Of course, there are some things that can only be procured in France, which we import, but our aim is to source the finest local produce, wherever possible.

Established in 2003, C’est Bon’s French chefs’ culinary talents come to the fore each week with great specials, while staying true to our valued customers’ wishes.

It culminates in a clever blend of authenticity with modern touches. A restaurant for every event, from big celebrations to a romantic tete-a-tete, Nicolas and his team have a flair for making your visit special.

We are located at the entrance to Village Lane in Lake Street, near Pullman Cairns International Hotel, Pullman Reef Hotel Casino and Cairns Convention Centre.

Ask about our special business lunch deals and dinner prix-fix menus, or peruse the a la carte menu. We are open Tuesday to Friday from noon for lunch and Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm.021

Come along and dust off your French, or just enjoy a touch of real French charm (genuine accents thrown in free!)
We hope to see you very soon!

Bon Appetit!

The Team

The Team

Owners Nicolas and Debbie Devic

At the tender age of 15, Nicolas enrolled in catering school in Souillac, in the south of France, where he acquired the fundamentals of French cooking. Gaining rich experience, he trained all over the country. From the sophistication of the capital, Paris and south-western city of Toulouse, he moved further afield to London and Monaco.

Upon graduating with three highly regarded diplomas, Nicolas worked in Alain Ducasse’s restaurants in glamorous locations such as St Tropez, Monaco and Paris. It was at his final post at Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee, Paris, that his expertise rose to new heights. Emboldened, he left the company in 2006 to travel abroad and seek new challenges. Later that year, Nicolas arrived in Cairns, having been offered the position of head chef at C’est Bon.001

A few years later, despite loving Cairns, the lifestyle, job and girlfriend Debbie, he was lured to Sydney, but soon realised he had made a huge mistake. Attempts to return to Cairns were foiled by visa restrictions and he was given just a month to leave the country.

Next stop Dubai and an exciting role at the glittering Royal Mirage offering challenges including managing the catering for more than a thousand guests at a time. After three years in Dubai, rising to Number Two position among 140 chefs, Nicolas was finally allowed back to Australia to join Debbie, who had become his wife and the couple’s dream came true in 2011 when they bought C’est Bon.

Today, with Debbie running the office and family, while Nicolas graces the dining room floor welcoming guests and serving, as well as keeping a highly trained eye on all aspects of the business, including the kitchen where he still plays the role of executive chef keeping a close eye on his team’s work.

Over the years, C’est Bon has become one of the city’s best-loved restaurants. Nicolas’ wealth of experience in every aspect of fine dining ensures the establishment continues to strive for perfection and Cairns’ iconic French restaurant is stronger than ever.


Our staff introduce themselves:

Kevin Gabsi, Food & BEverage managerkevin gabsi

Born and raised in Paris, I was in the right place to gain a lot of knowledge in hospitality which I have gained for 10 years in 5 stars Group like Lucien Barriere Hotel & Casino .After such rich experience, I knew I was lacking one fundamental element on my resumé: Speaking English properly.

Cairns was my obvious choice, so in 2011, I have joined Nicolas & Debbie’s team at c’est bon to contribute in bringing the restaurant where it’s at today. To back up my resumé and also because it was a visa requirement, I graduated from Hospitality School with an internationally recognised diploma.

Since 2015, I am a proud Australian permanent resident and manage the restaurant on every aspect but my focus remains the customer and making sure you are being looked after will be my ultimate goal. I recently completed a wine training called WSET Level 2 allowing me to share that knowledge with the customers.

My Team and I are dedicated to provide you with a unique, genuine and traditional French Experience, I want you to Seat, Relax, Enjoy the moment, do not worry about anything else but the company of the person you are dining with.

My Philosophy: Service is an Experience, result of a Communication. It is an Exchange, and goes both ways.

I look forward welcoming you like my Friends and family, and guarantee excellence in service like nowhere else in Cairns.

Alexandre Goyard,  Executive ChefAlexandre Goyard Executive Chef Cest Bon

I Grew up in Nice which is situated in the French Riviera.

I got the chance to be influenced by the best Mediterranean produces which is a subtle blend of French & Italian culture creating the famous Cuisine Nicoise.

Freshly graduated from “Paul Augier” Catering school, I joined the team of a small Italian restaurant for 2 years where I was educated on rigueur, work ethic, cooking philosophy and discipline. My passion for cooking was born.

My next move was along the team of Alain Ducasse in Monaco at the bar & boeuf restaurant to serve the rich and famous in a strict, rich and unbelievable environment.

After those 2 years, I decided to go overseas and did a short trip to theUK. Bristol & London were my stopover where I discovered a rich and unanticipated Anglo-Saxon cuisine. This triggered in me the wish to go even further so after a year and half , I flew to Saint-Barthélemy, French Caribbean island to develop my international cooking skills.

I did a few Month in Corsica before I left for Australia where after a little travel around, I have decided to settle in Cairns long term.

Today, I am the executive Chef at C’est Bon where I work Closely with Nicolas to offer you the best of French food in this idyllic part of the world.


Raphael Granado, Restaurant Supervisor

Growing up in Brazil, working in a French restaurant wasn’t the obvious outcome. But after being involved in the service, retail and hospitality industry for the past 10 years, I had developed a strong sense of customer service, so looking after our guests became a second nature for me, which prove to be crucial when I got a chance to work at C’est Bon back in 2016.

My friendly nature and attention to details allows me to fit perfectly in this almost fully French environment. When I actually get asked what am I doing here working in a French restaurant? My answer is always the same: It just feels right for me to be here! Being Brazilian only enhance that cliché French charm!

What I love at C’est bon is the balance of quality service while facing that exhilaration thrill during rush hours.

Being very competitive in Sports, I find a similar challenge on football pitch & dining room.

I am aspiring to become a hardworking team leader in that beautiful restaurant and contribute in its ever growing success

To achieve this, I am leaning on Kevin & Nicolas and there respective experience to reach that goal.

All that matter in the end is our Customer’s satisfaction.


The restaurant will be closed on Christmas eve, day and boxing day.

We will be closed for 3 weeks on the following dates.

The 1st of January until 22nd January included.

We will reopen as per normal on Tuesday 23rd January lunch time